Plus a bunch of fun things in store over at Digital Freebies! It all starts November 1st!!!

Digital Scrapbooking Day!!

Digital Scrapbooking Day!!

And I have a little freebie for you, a Memory Brag Book Template set. I’ll have another set of three Monday, and again on Wednesday.  So keep checking back!

Memory Brag Book Freebie

Memory Brag Book Freebie

Click here to download.


Holy crud!  I never look at my stats page.  I really should have several months ago. I was #9 on the list of Blogs of the Day Growing Blogs list.  Back on July 8th, 2008.  How sad that I only came across it today, and how sad that I’m barely getting visits now.

On my current laptop hard drive, since thats the only machine that functions even remotely well its the only machine that I scrap on anymore.  So no open space means that I do one layout at a time, with nothing else open except for photoshop. I fight with the thing running so very slow.  This is the reason for no new freebies in forever, and for my lack of being able to design anything. 

All of that to say that I have a brand new spiffy hard drive that was delivered TODAY!  320 beautiful gigabytes of space, just waiting for me to populate!! As soon as my hubby gets home and starts the reimaging process.

Another bit of fun news is that my hubby has our dns server up and looks as if its running smoothly!  WOOT!!  Which means my store server should be up next!!  Even though I highly doubt that I have any readership here anymore since being so far between posts.  And it seems I only have visitors to my freebie posts anyways. I will still hopefully open a store and see what happens.

Thats the news so far. I’m just about done with a set of templates, I’m going to be doing another set of 12 over the next 4 weeks so be sure to check back often. It will be broken up into sets of 3. Oh and they will be 8×8 size for easy print, since the holidays are coming up.  Also look forward to card templates!! Those will likely be done by November 15th.  I have lots of things planned!

I’m such a horrible slacker. I should have posted about this such a long time ago.

This months challenge is a Birthday Album! Hop on over to the Digital Freebies blog to read more, or you can just click here. If you participate you will be entered to win a 5$ gift certificate to the Digital Freebies boutique. You do not have to use a Digital Freebies product to participate.

Here is the album I created, I used Amanda Geils Designs My Ladybug. I thought it would be wonderful since my dd’s first birthday party was a lady bug theme. Such a super cute kit!

Digital Freebies Blog Hybrid Challenge October 2008

Digital Freebies Blog Hybrid Challenge October 2008 - Birthday Album

What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says

You tend to be a goofy, optimistic person. 

You enjoy Halloween more than anyone else you know. 

This Halloween be as silly as you can – dress up as a giant version of a small object

The candy you should give out: laffy taffy

This is so very odd to me LOL, I don’t particularly care for Halloween. I don’t celebrate it, and neither does my husband.  Still cute.  This Jack -O- Latern I thought was just cute. 🙂 And I do love Laffy Taffy. 🙂

This kit by Sherri Tierney is lovely.  Just absolutely wonderful for this time of year.  You can almost smell a pumpkin pie while using it… okay maybe not so much. But its still lots of fun. The warm colors, the leaves.

You can pick it up at Digital Freebies, just click the image below.

And a couple layouts I created:

First up one of my baby boy Turbo… Hard to believe he’s almost 5 years old! Still such a kid!

And because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic this month, as my oldest daughter turns 4, this is one of her when she was 11 months old:


Halloween Candy Quiz

Halloween Candy Quiz

You are a Toffee Apple

Like the toffee apple you are sensible inside but mischevious on the outside

Find out which Halloween Candy you are at

LOL The things I learn about myself from some of these quizzes. I’m honestly not a big Halloween person. Never have been.  Although I love caramel apples.

My oldest daughter turns 4 this month, on the 21st. Isn’t it just amazing how fast time flies? I realized yesterday that I had planned her invites, but had not actually created them… WHOOPS!!! So I sat down this morning and hammered them out, they are printed and now all I need to do is wait for the glitter paint to dry. Then I can put the girls names into the cards and stuff the envelopes, place a stamp and run them to the post office.  I’m hoping the girls invited will get their invites by Tuesday.  The mail here in our town moves pretty fast.  I’m thinking they will have them by Wednesday at the latest.

She is having her first ever pajama party, I thought it was a happy substitute for a Princess party that she had her heart set on.  She’s now really excited about it.  And its only 2 weeks away!!!  Ugh, I have sleep masks to sew, bags to decorate and food to plan. I need to get busy on the sleep masks, they will likely take me the longest amount of time.  

I used Stop! Jammer Time by Robin Carlton & MandaBean from, to make the invites and envelopes.  I will most likely make thank you cards as well but given my short amount of time to get the rest of the party things done I will wait until after the party.

A peek at her invites:


Pajama Party Invites

Pajama Party Invites

My blog has been so dead over here that I thought I would go ahead and do one of these. Plus I thought it would be fun.  Today’s is talking about fast food, your favorite fast food to be exact.  

Well mine would have to be Arby’s.  I absolutely love love love their curly fries.  And I love the beef and cheddars with the Arby sauce.  YUM!  But they are a bit more spendy (further proof that theirs is the best, atleast in my book!) so we don’t go there as much.  A close second is Taco Bell, I really love their mexican pizza’s.  And when they have them their caramel apple empinadas, again YUM! 

So what’s your favorite fast food?  Do you have one?  Any particular reason?

Have ya’ll missed me or what? No?  Thats okay lol. Well I’ve bought my domain name!!  So excited about that.  Still no server… *insert frown at hubby*.  I’d do it myself if I could.  I even suggested to him maybe buying server space thru or some other place.  Oh boy was that a big mistake…  I know he’s so busy with work, leaving town atleast once a week if not more for work.  But I want to get my site up and running, and I can’t do that if I don’t have a server to host it from.  

Bit of a struggle!  I promise to get back into offering some freebies, I have tons of ideas and get started and never finish.  Horrible I know.  But we’re heading into fall here, my absolute most favorite time of the year and am hoping that it inspires some fun stuff from me. It usually does.

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