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I promise. I know it’s been a year of Sundays since I’ve posted.

I want to say thank you to all those who continue to download my freebies. It was astounding to open my email for the first time in a very long time and seeing that it is still generating hits.

Why am I posting after so long? To let you know that life is leveling back out and so I hope to be able to start making templates again. That is my plan anyways. I haven’t done digital scrapbooking in a while and I miss it desperately.

Look for a Thanksgiving and Christmas freebie to show up soon.

For Christmas I can do one of two things, at least I think I have time for only one or the other.

A mini book (suggest size, shape please) of Christmas themed templates or 4×6 and 5×7 Christmas cards.

I’m leaning toward just the cards, as I’ll need to make one of my own for friends. But I’m leaving it up to you. Leave me a comment and tell me what you’d think you’d like best.

Ciao! ~Crissa


Holy crud!  I never look at my stats page.  I really should have several months ago. I was #9 on the list of Blogs of the Day Growing Blogs list.  Back on July 8th, 2008.  How sad that I only came across it today, and how sad that I’m barely getting visits now.

On my current laptop hard drive, since thats the only machine that functions even remotely well its the only machine that I scrap on anymore.  So no open space means that I do one layout at a time, with nothing else open except for photoshop. I fight with the thing running so very slow.  This is the reason for no new freebies in forever, and for my lack of being able to design anything. 

All of that to say that I have a brand new spiffy hard drive that was delivered TODAY!  320 beautiful gigabytes of space, just waiting for me to populate!! As soon as my hubby gets home and starts the reimaging process.

Another bit of fun news is that my hubby has our dns server up and looks as if its running smoothly!  WOOT!!  Which means my store server should be up next!!  Even though I highly doubt that I have any readership here anymore since being so far between posts.  And it seems I only have visitors to my freebie posts anyways. I will still hopefully open a store and see what happens.

Thats the news so far. I’m just about done with a set of templates, I’m going to be doing another set of 12 over the next 4 weeks so be sure to check back often. It will be broken up into sets of 3. Oh and they will be 8×8 size for easy print, since the holidays are coming up.  Also look forward to card templates!! Those will likely be done by November 15th.  I have lots of things planned!

Have ya’ll missed me or what? No?  Thats okay lol. Well I’ve bought my domain name!!  So excited about that.  Still no server… *insert frown at hubby*.  I’d do it myself if I could.  I even suggested to him maybe buying server space thru or some other place.  Oh boy was that a big mistake…  I know he’s so busy with work, leaving town atleast once a week if not more for work.  But I want to get my site up and running, and I can’t do that if I don’t have a server to host it from.  

Bit of a struggle!  I promise to get back into offering some freebies, I have tons of ideas and get started and never finish.  Horrible I know.  But we’re heading into fall here, my absolute most favorite time of the year and am hoping that it inspires some fun stuff from me. It usually does.

I’m struggling this month for some reason.  Tons of cute pictures to scrap, tons of cute kits and fun stuff to use, and here I sit with a block.  I actually have one layout that I started hmmm last week I think.  And I’ve opened it and looked at it atleast 15 times even today.  It needs text or journaling or something…. I have a creative team that I’m on for my most favorite site and I feel as if I may be letting them down. I just today requested my second kit!  How sad is that!?!  Maybe its Mike being away from home, maybe I’m just mojo less?  Not sure whats going on but I wish it would get better.

I have lots of little ideas for things to do and yet I can’t collect my thoughts enough to get them finished.  If I was a writer I’d be going thru writer block for sure.  I’m hoping my scrapping bug bites me again soon.  I can tell you my laundry has never been more caught up, bathroom more spotless, and kitchen more caught up in a long long time. 

Think of me please!  Maybe send me some design dust?

Whoops I kind of disappeared didn’t I?  I promise to work on some fun new little give away with in the next couple of days.  I’ve just been in a real slump.  August is half over!  Just unbelieveable!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted this week.  My youngest turned 2 Friday and has been sick all week for the most part.  We ended up cancelling her birthday party.  I’m beat but I’ll get the new template up tomorrow.

I’m trying to decide to open a store or not.  It would be a big step out on a limb.  I don’t have much to offer though just templates.  I mean yeah alot of people download them, but I wonder if anyone would buy them.  Things to think about anyways.  I am also thinking about offering a commercial license for the templates.  Again I just dont know.  I don’t even know how hard it would be to set up.  Gotta learn all that as well.

I’m still in the process of getting things together here.  I plan to have another freebie ready sometime this week, so be sure to keep visiting.  Or… You can subscribe to my RSS Feed and know when I update.

Just wanted to check in, I’m keeping pretty busy with my Creative Team duties at Digital Freebies, but now that I’m into the swing of things hopefully I can start getting this blog up and going.

Happy Tuesday!

Well my clearblogs page is gone. Or they are hard down, and I’m beyond sick of it.  I’m hoping WordPress will work better.  Look for a freebie soon.

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