On my current laptop hard drive, since thats the only machine that functions even remotely well its the only machine that I scrap on anymore.  So no open space means that I do one layout at a time, with nothing else open except for photoshop. I fight with the thing running so very slow.  This is the reason for no new freebies in forever, and for my lack of being able to design anything. 

All of that to say that I have a brand new spiffy hard drive that was delivered TODAY!  320 beautiful gigabytes of space, just waiting for me to populate!! As soon as my hubby gets home and starts the reimaging process.

Another bit of fun news is that my hubby has our dns server up and looks as if its running smoothly!  WOOT!!  Which means my store server should be up next!!  Even though I highly doubt that I have any readership here anymore since being so far between posts.  And it seems I only have visitors to my freebie posts anyways. I will still hopefully open a store and see what happens.

Thats the news so far. I’m just about done with a set of templates, I’m going to be doing another set of 12 over the next 4 weeks so be sure to check back often. It will be broken up into sets of 3. Oh and they will be 8×8 size for easy print, since the holidays are coming up.  Also look forward to card templates!! Those will likely be done by November 15th.  I have lots of things planned!