My oldest daughter turns 4 this month, on the 21st. Isn’t it just amazing how fast time flies? I realized yesterday that I had planned her invites, but had not actually created them… WHOOPS!!! So I sat down this morning and hammered them out, they are printed and now all I need to do is wait for the glitter paint to dry. Then I can put the girls names into the cards and stuff the envelopes, place a stamp and run them to the post office.  I’m hoping the girls invited will get their invites by Tuesday.  The mail here in our town moves pretty fast.  I’m thinking they will have them by Wednesday at the latest.

She is having her first ever pajama party, I thought it was a happy substitute for a Princess party that she had her heart set on.  She’s now really excited about it.  And its only 2 weeks away!!!  Ugh, I have sleep masks to sew, bags to decorate and food to plan. I need to get busy on the sleep masks, they will likely take me the longest amount of time.  

I used Stop! Jammer Time by Robin Carlton & MandaBean from, to make the invites and envelopes.  I will most likely make thank you cards as well but given my short amount of time to get the rest of the party things done I will wait until after the party.

A peek at her invites:


Pajama Party Invites

Pajama Party Invites