Have ya’ll missed me or what? No?  Thats okay lol. Well I’ve bought my domain name!!  So excited about that.  Still no server… *insert frown at hubby*.  I’d do it myself if I could.  I even suggested to him maybe buying server space thru GoDaddy.com or some other place.  Oh boy was that a big mistake…  I know he’s so busy with work, leaving town atleast once a week if not more for work.  But I want to get my site up and running, and I can’t do that if I don’t have a server to host it from.  

Bit of a struggle!  I promise to get back into offering some freebies, I have tons of ideas and get started and never finish.  Horrible I know.  But we’re heading into fall here, my absolute most favorite time of the year and am hoping that it inspires some fun stuff from me. It usually does.