I’m struggling this month for some reason.  Tons of cute pictures to scrap, tons of cute kits and fun stuff to use, and here I sit with a block.  I actually have one layout that I started hmmm last week I think.  And I’ve opened it and looked at it atleast 15 times even today.  It needs text or journaling or something…. I have a creative team that I’m on for my most favorite site and I feel as if I may be letting them down. I just today requested my second kit!  How sad is that!?!  Maybe its Mike being away from home, maybe I’m just mojo less?  Not sure whats going on but I wish it would get better.

I have lots of little ideas for things to do and yet I can’t collect my thoughts enough to get them finished.  If I was a writer I’d be going thru writer block for sure.  I’m hoping my scrapping bug bites me again soon.  I can tell you my laundry has never been more caught up, bathroom more spotless, and kitchen more caught up in a long long time. 

Think of me please!  Maybe send me some design dust?