Ahh its summer… I think lol.  Here in Alaska its starting to feel more like summer.  The last of our snow melted the end of April, and now everythings green.  Very nice indeed…  Its also getting into the 60s which is very summerish feeling, shorts and tshirts.  For us anyways. 🙂

The Sweet Shoppe Blog wants to know where I would want to vacation if money was of no object and gas was in an unending supply. 

I would LOVE to go to Italy. To a town on the seaside preferably.  I love the beauty I see in pictures from there.  I used to want to run away and move there.  I was such a silly girl.  I used to dream about it though.  So its definetly on my list of places I absolutely want to visit.

Tuscany, Italy
**Photo from Photobucket.com**